The RESTART SleepOut

Friday 18th November  2022








Will you join us to Sleep Out and RESTART Lives?


Our annual SleepOut is back; this will be our seventh SleepOut and we’re looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible this year!

When: Friday 18 November 2022

Where: outside St. Columba’s Church, Knightsbridge, where our weekly drop-in centre takes place.

What: we are asking participants to sleep for one night (from 10pm on Friday 18 November until 6am on Saturday 19 November) on a pavement outside St. Columba’s Church and to find individual sponsorship (from friends, family and colleagues).

Why: if you’ve participated in our event before, you’ll know what it’s all about! For first-timers, you might have recognised the need to support people rough sleeping in London,  be interested in learning more about RESTART and homelessness in the run up to and during the event, or are even looking for a team-bonding experience for you and your colleagues. Whatever the reason, we look forward to having you on board in this year’s event! We’ll be sharing fundraising tips with you and offering help and support along the way.

Target: by stepping up to sleep out, you will be helping us reach our goal of £100,000 and raise awareness to support our work with homeless people – to overcome obstacles in their way, move away from the streets and into independent living.


  • Please be assured that while the weather might be wet and cold, the event will be safe: we will close off a stretch of Lennox Road from traffic and have a Security Team in place; you will be part of a large group with plenty of company and have access throughout the night to the church if conditions became intolerable.
  • The event is not designed to replicate the harsh experience of long-term homelessness but, instead, we hope it will help us understand a little better what it might be like to sleep rough night after night. 


Register now to take part and we’ll send you everything you need to know for the RESTART SleepOut.