The Restart Sleepout

Friday 13th December  2019










Take Part in Sleepout 2019

On Friday 13th December 2019 RESTART is holding a SLEEPOUT event at St. Columba’s Church, Pont Street, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0BD. We hope that at least 50 individuals will be persuaded to join the Trustees and sleep on the street overnight outside the church.

This event is not designed to reflect the grim experience of long-term homelessness, much as we hope it will help us understand what it might be like to sleep rough night after night a little better. Its purpose instead is to raise much-needed funds to support our work through a Challenge Event worthy of support from friends, family and colleagues. We have set ourselves a target of £50,000.

In brief, we are asking participants to sleep for one night (from 9.00pm on Friday 13th December until 6.00am on Saturday 14th December) on a pavement outside St Columba’s Church in a sleeping bag and to get themselves individually sponsored. Please be assured that while the weather might be wet and cold, the event will be completely safe: we will be closing off a stretch of Lennox Road from traffic and have a Security Team in place; you will in any case be part of a large group and have access throughout the night to the church if conditions became unbearable.

Please register to take part and help RESTART and help us raise £50,000. When you register you will immediately be sent all of the information you will need – about the event itself and about setting up your own Fundraising Page via Virgin Money Giving.

Very many thanks.