RESTART services during Covid-19 


RESTART’s response to Covid-19 has involved adapting our services so that we can support homeless guests and vulnerable adults through the pandemic and beyond.

All changes to the drop-in and our programmes have been done so in line with government guidelines.

Thursday 6 January 2022 update: we are happy to confirm that we are still able to operate the drop-in.  Social distancing, face coverings, temperature checks and extra safety precautions remain in place to keep guests, volunteers and staff as safe as possible. Please see more details below about the drop-in. 

RESTART Drop-in:


Join us for an indoor meal on Fridays at:

St. Columba’s Church,   

Pont Street,




*To avoid queues, we ask that guests do not arrive before 6.15pm please


If you experience any symptoms of Covid-19 – cough, high temperature or loss of smell/taste – you should not come to the drop-in and instead, follow medical advice.


For more information, please see our FAQS below.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will I be safe from Coronavirus at the RESTART drop-in at St Columba’s?

In line with government guidance, we are happy to confirm that the drop-in can remain open for sit-down meals for guests.

We have done a full risk assessment of the drop-in space and activities and have made a number of changes to minimise risk to all.

Our system includes:

  • using a non-contact thermometer to take guests’ and volunteers temperatures upon arrival;
  • creating a one-way system for guests who use the drop-in;
  • operating a queuing system with 1+ metre distancing between guests;
  • encouraging volunteers and guests to continuing wearing a face covering, unless exempt or when eating.
What if I test positive for Covid-19 soon after attending the drop-in?

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus, take a test and if results come back from the NHS as positive, you should isolate, if you are able to.

Advice is to follow up with anybody you’ve been in contact with over the previous 14 days. Please remember to include us so that we can get in touch with the other guests quickly.

The best number to reach us on is 020 3778 1518 or you can email

More about testing for coronavirus is explained here on the NHS website. 

What cleaning arrangements are in place?

There are additional cleaning arrangements in place for the toilets and communal areas before and after the drop-in for the safety of all our guests and volunteers.

How do I get to the drop-in?

The drop-in can be reached via C1 bus and a short walk from Knightsbridge tube station. See our map here.

If you are travelling on public transport, please remember to wear a face covering, avoid touching your face and wash or sanitise your hands as soon after as practically possible.

Is it safe for guests or volunteers to travel to the drop-in via public transport?

If you are travelling on public transport, please remember to wear a face covering, avoid touching your face and wash or sanitise your hands as soon after as practically possible.

Volunteers who need to use public transport to reach us will be directed to wash their hands upon arrival and we will hang coats and bags away from the main drop-in area.

Please note that we are unable to top up Oyster cards or to pay for travel to the drop-in.

The Transport for London website has safer travel guidance during Coronavirus here.

Do I need to wear a face covering at the drop-in?

Guests who enter the building will be encouraged to wear a face covering (but it is optional and some guests are exempt), which can be removed when eating.

Many of our RESTART volunteers choose to wear a face covering or visor to protect guests, their fellow volunteers and make the drop-in as safe as possible.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

Please send us a message here or call 020 3778 1518. 

One of the RESTART team will be happy to answer your questions.