We are open

Friday 6th November: the RESTART drop-in is able to open during lockdown.

We are offering a combination of sit-in meals and takeaways. There will be limited space inside for rough sleepers and homeless guests.

About Us

We are a small, London-based charity whose objective is to support homeless people to overcome the challenges of life ‘on the streets’. Our staff and volunteers assist guests in securing accommodation, finding employment, improving social relationships, mental health and well-being, and developing the confidence and readiness to return to independent living.  

The REGAIN Programme

1. ReAct

Platform for Change

Visit our Drop-In which welcomes all within a hospitable and non-judgmental space.

2. ReStore

Platform for Recovery

Receive 1:1 support and advice with personal issues and develop work-readiness skills.

3. ReCruit

Platform for Work

Gain a referral to training, apprenticeships or employment opportunities.

4. ReHouse

Platform for Housing

Source temporary or permanent accommodation and budget for household bills.

5. ReTurn

Platform for the Future

Return to independent living and support current guests as a volunteer.

News & Events

RESTART on the Road

RESTART on the Road

On Saturday 23rd November, we trialled a new project called 'RESTART on the Road'. The aim of the initiative is to head out, on a Saturday evening, into London to feed rough sleepers who may have a more limited choice of services at the weekend. On this run, we had a...

Meals served monthly

Volunteers and mentors per week

Guests supported into work


Would you like to make a positive difference and support homeless men and women?

Are you passionate about alleviating homelessness, poverty and vulnerability?

Can you spare a few hours a week?

If yes, then get involved!



Whether a one-off donation or regular contribution, you are helping guests to restart their lives and escape homelessness . Your gift of money or material goods will be integral to the success of our programmes.

"I took [the job] and I made it work. You can't help a guy 100%. You gave me 50% and I gave myself the other 50"

– Former guest, 2019.

"It helps to talk to my mentor about these things... I feel I am making real progress now"

– Current guest-mentee, 2019.

"We know our guests and their life stories. We take time to listen, get to know them and understand their concerns"

– Phil, General Manager, 2018.

"Volunteering for RESTART has opened my eyes to the complexities of homelessness"

– Ellie Farmer, Volunteer, 2019.

Contact us


Please get in touch if you would like to help us support homeless and vulnerable adults and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.