Back when RESTART was starting to develop its employability workshops last year, did a fun idea spring to mind during a chat session with guests…to create a podcast episode! And indeed that is what we did, to strengthen and celebrate our guest voices, with one of our female guests. We hope that those who listen will be able to reflect, relate or empathise in some way to the challenges that homelessness presents.


“You either sink or swim” – inner guidance and strength from Jennifer

In this episode, Jennifer, experiencing sofa-surfing, speaks with RESTART about her journey from being a nurse to lacking a place to call home.  After losing her partner and a council flat, she reflects on the impact it has made but tells us how she’s come through it. Jennifer’s positivity is shown by the hobbies she fondly nurtures – bee-keeping, singing in the Choir (for those affected by homelessness) and just getting outside! Her story is one of sheer inner strength and wisdom and we’re reminded of the lasting effect that bereavement, homelessness and mental health can have on someone.


Note: the podcast is anonymous and a pseudonym has been used for our guest speaker.


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Big shoutout and thank you goes to to Rebekah Pennington for the full creation and production of this episode.
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