Winter recruitment

Currently, we have an existing team of active mentors and we’re lucky and grateful for the commitment and time they’ve given to us this year to support RESTART guests.

With new local projects and our Winter activities about to commence, we’re hoping to expand our pool of mentors. Those with experience in any of the following areas would particularly be encouraged to apply for this role as these skill sets have been identified with guests to be most useful:

  • career coaching
  • knowledge/experience of setting up or running a business
  • life coaching
  • experience working in the homelessness sector
  • lived experience of homelessness

Mentoring is not exclusively for people with these backgrounds, but expertise in a certain area can help us offer guests the support of a mentor who has a particular strength, passion or knowledge that can be shared with them.

Volunteers are at the heart of RESTART. It is collectively our volunteers, supported by a small number of staff, who provide the energy, concern and support to help those who need it most. It is predominantly through the actions of volunteers that our guests know that they matter and can develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Once a guest has started accessing the charity’s services, a mentor may be brought in to support with a specific action or stage in a guest’s progress with us.

If you would like to apply to become a mentor, please email Olivia (Programmes Manager) at

We will then share more information and send you a mentoring application pack with details of how to apply.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you!