Kickstart with RESTART is for anyone with experience or at risk of homelessness and wanting to make a move closer to employment after a break.

It offers a weekly, relaxed support group where people can find support that they might need to maximise their chances of long-term success finding and staying in work.

Once guests feel ‘work-ready’, have taken basic pre-employment steps, have a mentor and an accommodation plan (if applicable), our employment and recruitment partners will welcome a referral from RESTART.


What is it?

Kickstart with RESTART is focused on having everything you need in place for success finding, starting or staying in work or regular volunteering.

It’s taking place 10am – 1pm on Tuesdays throughout June at RESTART HQ near Trafalgar Square and is the opportunity to meet with like-minded people to chat about relevant topics and learn new skills.

There’s the space to make a personal plan that is tailored to individual goals and access one-to-one support from the RESTART team of staff and mentors in doing so.

The team can also offer help completing any basic pre-employment steps e.g. opening a bank account, getting ID, and a CV – plus there’s use of free Wi-Fi, laptops, a phone and printer on site. Lunch and refreshments are also being provided every Tuesday.

As a result of attending Kickstart sessions, RESTART will be in a stronger position to offer further support for attendees and:

  • Provide a full reference from RESTART for future employers
  • Refer people to suitable employment partners/recruiters
  • Offer ongoing help with job search or applications and any further skills development
  • Invite attendees to start/continue voluntary work experience with RESTART or arranged by us with businesses
  • Give ongoing support for up to 12 months with a RESTART mentor
  • Offer the opportunity to access other support via our partners e.g. counselling, training for specific jobs/industries, work placements


What happens at each session?

Each session aims to include the following three features:

  • Peer support – chat group over tea and toast to check-in with everyone and kick things off.


  • Learning support – opportunity to learn about something new, and not just work-related. We’ll be asking participants to help shape what is on offer each week. Employers and partners who are set to present include Only A Pavement Away, Radical Recruitment and Buses 4 Homeless.


  • One-to-one support – time available to access personal support via a mentor, team member or external caseworker if you wish and to work on your own goals and targets around returning to work or volunteering.


RESTART takes a personal, long-term approach to the support it offers: mentors and staff take the time to listen, help people to make their own plans and stick with them.

“We can’t write someone a reference to take to a potential employer or volunteering role if we haven’t had a chance to see that they’re ready and able to work,” explains Nicola Miller, Chief Executive at RESTART. “This is a way for us to get to know people better and understand their plans.”

“I’m excited to be launching this initiative after such a challenging period for all of the people we support.

“At RESTART, we believe strongly in the role of long-term, sustainable employment and financial independence, as a permanent route away from homelessness. However, the barriers to finding and staying in work can reach far beyond having somewhere to stay.

“Whilst employment might be right for many of our guests, they may lack the guidance, confidence and basic employment checks needed to begin looking for work successfully.

“We’ve set up Kickstart with RESTART so that people can come along and find any help they need to get work ready and take their first steps towards setting and meeting their own personal goals for work or volunteering.

“Our team of mentors, partners and staff are available to guests throughout their journey. Support begins when many of our guests might still be preparing to make changes in their lives and continues beyond securing interviews and accommodation to boost their chances of lasting change.”


Kickstart with RESTART will initially take place every Tuesday in June at RESTART HQ. After that, it will be rolled out and further details announced. To find out more about attending, whether for yourself or someone you’re supporting, or to be kept informed of further sessions beyond June, please get in touch here.