What We Do

RESTART is a charity that supports homeless men and women achieve personal, employment and accommodation goals.  We are committed to offering structured pathways back into society for the homeless and long term unemployed and believe that every person who finds the courage and resilience to change their situation, can RESTART their lives.

We aim to support our guests through the five-platformed REGAIN Programme.


1. ReAct – A Platform for Change

Every Saturday, since July 2011, we have reacted to homelessness in London by opening the doors of St Augustine’s Church to provide food, advice and a welcoming community in a wonderful building. We have responded to hunger by serving over 50,000 meals to date and encourage conversation and community to the drop-in. 

The ReAct Drop-In is the first stage of REGAIN. It enables us to get to know our guests and begin to lay out different pathways to help individuals address specific needs and ambitions. Whether you are currently homeless, formerly homeless, unemployed or are seeking a safe space, ReAct ensures it is inclusive and non-judgemental as it welcomes all.

For more information about our drop-in, please visit the ‘ReAct’ or ‘Contact Us’ Pages. 



2. ReStore – A Platform for Recovery

The ReStore platform is focused on addressing personal obstacles and providing a clear pathway for guests to achieve work and employment.  We offer three important services which benefit guests’ development and restoration: 

  • Access to counselling. 
  • 1-1 mentoring. 
  • Voluntary work placements. 

Counselling provision, and our Mentoring Programme, are designed to give support throughout the course of a guest’s journey.  Trained volunteer mentors commit to 1-1 meetings to encourage and guide mentees with their next steps. Mentors act as a good friend and advisor as they signpost guests towards specialist services relating to issues such as physical and mental health, addictions, debt and relationship breakdowns. Help is also given with practical matters including CV-writing, interview practice, travel needs and budgeting. ReStore also includes our newly developed TaskForce course. Ideal for those seeking to work, the programme creates opportunities to for guests to undertake 80 hours of tasks with local employers and community organisations. During these placements, guests are able to develop confidence and motivation whilst demonstrating work-readiness and teamwork. 


3. ReCruit – A Platform for Work

The ReCruit platform directs guests towards part or full-time employment. Through a growing band of work partners (for example, Pret a Manger), we are able to introduce guests to a variety of apprenticeships and training programmes. One of our previous successes includes an 18-month pilot academy programme on the grounds of Carlowrie Castle, in Edinburgh, where we recorded some excellent positive impact and social benefit. In recent months, some guests have achieved skills, qualifications or work in the catering and hospitality sector. Mentors play an important role in this process to ensure a smooth transition from ReStore to ReCruit. 

For more information, please visit our ‘ReCruit’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages. 


4. ReHouse – A Platform for Independent Living

The ReHouse platform supports guests in sourcing housing from estate agents and private landlords in both shared and studio accommodation. We recognise the importance of more than a roof over someone’s head so ensure that ReHouse continues the personal 1-1 support from staff and/or mentors. A weekly visit to guests in their home allows advice to be given about savings, utilities, cost-effective shopping and general catch up. To date, we have rehoused 92 guests to a space where they can continue their journey and live independently. 



5. ReTurn – A Platform for the Future

ReTurn represents guests’ progression through the REGAIN Programme and the continuation along a stable and secure pathway. Whilst some guests choose to follow an independent path, others may return to RESTART as mentors or volunteers at weekly drop-ins. Former guests provide invaluable inspiration and advice to current guests who are seeking to rebuild their lives.