ReStore – A Platform for Recovery

  • The ReStore platform is focused on addressing personal obstacles and providing a clear pathway for guests to access training and secure employment. 
  • We offer three important services which benefit guests’ development and restoration: 
  • 1)    Access to counselling.
  • 2)    1-1 mentoring.
  • 3)    Voluntary work placements. 
  • Counselling provision and our Mentoring Programme are designed to give support throughout the course of a guest’s journey. 
  • Trained volunteer mentors commit to 1-1 meetings to encourage and guide mentees with their next steps. Mentors act as a good friend and advisor as they signpost guests towards specialist services relating to issues such as physical and mental health, addictions, debt and relationship breakdowns. Help is also given with practical matters including CV-writing, interview practice, travel needs and budgeting.
  • ReStore also includes our newly developed ‘TaskForce’ course. Ideal for those seeking to work, the programme creates opportunities for guests to undertake 80 hours of tasks with local employers and community organisations. During these placements, guests are able to develop confidence and motivation whilst demonstrating work-readiness and teamwork. 

Need support?

If you are a guest and want to receive support, please email: / or call 07387 727139. 


Want to volunteer & give support?

If you are a volunteer and want to offer support or become a mentor, please email: / or call 07387 727139.