New Year’s Re-Solution

March 2017

The New Year is a time for RESOLUTIONS that bring about change and which deliver new solutions to long-standing issues. With this in mind we are hosting NEW YEAR’S RE-SOLUTION, our inaugural sleep-out, on March 9th 2017 in Kensington.

NEW YEAR’S RE-SOLUTION doesn’t aim to replicate homelessness, but it will offer at least a glimpse of the realities that face London’s homeless men and women – the biting cold, the damp, the noise, the isolation and life with little sleep. What is does clearly offer is a means to raise awareness of homelessness and also to raise funds for RESTART so that we can help to provide better solutions to tackle homelessness.

If you’re willing to accept the challenge of a cold March night with nothing but a sleeping bag and a cardboard mat, then please join us in our NEW YEAR’S RE-SOLUTION. Help us raise over £50,000 to support some of the 8,000 people that experience homelessness in West London every year.

If you are persuaded to join us or would like to know more, please email

When you are ready to commit to taking part, please register by clicking the Virgin Money Giving button below.

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December 2016

Pete Gibbons, one of our trustees, and RESTART’s font of film making, media production, is putting together a film that captures who we are, what we do, and a little of how we do it. We would love for you all to be able to share this with your friends, family and colleagues.



Spring 2017

Between now and the Spring of 2017 we are going to be developing our mentoring programme. Its an absolutely exciting project that has been met with real enthusiasm across the board of trustees, and will be shared for participatory comment and reflection with our volunteers over the next few months. Watch this space for more details about how you can get involved, and how much time impact it will have. We feel very strongly that mentoring is a significant contributor to re-connecting with self and society.