About Us

RESTART is a charity focusing on the socially excluded. We are committed to offering healthy routes back into society for the homeless and the long term unemployed. We believe that every person who finds the courage and power to change their situation can RESTART their lives. We provide emergency aid, a welcoming community, housing and employability programmes. You can help us by giving your time, money or expertise.


Every Saturday, since July 2011, we have ReActed to poverty in London by opening the doors of St Augustine’s church to offer refreshments, advice and community.

Inclusive and non-judgemental, we welcome all who come to ReAct. We have ReActed to hunger by serving over 50,000 meals to date and ReActed to loneliness by encouraging conversation & community. We are committed to the restoration of lives and the delivery of Hope in hopeless situations.

ReAct runs from 4pm until 7pm at St Augustine’s,
Queen’s Gate, London SW7 5LP.

For more information about how to ReAct and volunteer please contact us.


We realise that a roof does not begin to solve the multi issues facing anyone who has lived on the streets. We work hard to not only rehouse our guests who are ready to go into private accommodation but ReHouse ensures that every person we rehouse receives weekly support in finances and advice. ReHouse issue starter packs, that contain food, kitchen utensils and essential items. ReHouse is where we journey and mentor our guests to a space where they can rejoin society. We have rehoused 92 people to date.


RESTART enjoys wonderful relationships with a growing band of employability partners, including Pret A Manger, House of Saint Barnabas & Goldfinger Factory. Employability skills and apprenticeships are the chance that our guests need in order to get back into society. Every guest of ReCruit has a weekly meeting with a member of our team. ReCruit has enjoyed watching over 82 guests develop and move on into full time employment. In addition we ran a successful, 18 month pilot academy programme on the grounds of Carlowrie Castle, in Edinburgh, where we recorded some excellent positive impact and social benefit.