A Five Year Story of Hope

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 in Home
A Five Year Story of Hope

October 2011, and life had the feel of a story that was becoming darker and darker every day, for Phil. The lifeline of the Winter Nightshelter provided him with some respite and the opportunity to meet with us at ReAct. Sharing a quick bite to eat on Saturday evenings and then sharing life stories as we began the process of developing integrated pathways. Phil, a super resourceful man, was very active in co-creating what his future could look like, and together we found a path that made sense and was achievable.  By the end of the nightShelter in Spring 2012, we were able to house Phil in Temporary accommodation and through a series of supported and self supported accommodation Phil began the process of independent living.

During this period he became an invaluable member of RESTART, volunteering his time, to help support others in shared housing with the skills and approach needed to develop and maintain a budget, eat properly and building routine. In fact he became so good at it, that eventually Phil became the General Manager of RESTART! His ability to identify with both our guests and volunteers have made him invaluable to the cause.

Last week, we were all able to celebrate in the news that Phil has finally received permanent housing for life. We are absolutely delighted for Phil, a journey from night shelter to employment and permanent housing. A Five Star Story of Hope!

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